Recovery – and more pleasing news

Recovery from the cancer-treatment procedure is taking time, though so far it seems to be progressing more quickly than expected. My sleep is fragmented every night, and I’m still a little uncomfortable, but it would be remarkable if it were otherwise. Contrary to my fears, I was able to go and teach my creative writing class on Monday 19th – quite an effort, but the class seemed to go well. The best indicator of improvement is that my concentration span is returning to something like normal. I’ve done two hours of editing today (a friend’s novel manuscript) and I haven’t fallen asleep or rendered myself incapable of doing other tasks!

Perhaps this apparent resilience is because I’ve been buoyed up by another piece of gratifying news. The e-book version of National Cake Day in Ruritania was released by the publisher today (26th November), as promised, and the CEO sent me a quick link to the Amazon site: He asked me to ask everyone who wishes to acquire the book to use that source rather than the publisher’s website because it will enable them to post reviews. (Please!)

Anyway, that isn’t the good news. Well, it is, but it isn’t what I meant. I’ve learned that the novel has (as previously whispered) been nominated for the 2019 Republic of Consciousness Prize, which is awarded annually to a quality work of literary fiction released during the previous year by a small independent publisher. Each indie publisher is allowed to make just one nomination per annum. So although being nominated is a long way from winning the award, you can see why I’m gratified!

I did a solo storytelling gig last Wednesday evening – only a ten minute drive each way, and I was tired afterwards, but I managed and the audience seemed to enjoy it. I have another gig tomorrow evening, and an open mic on Wednesday evening, and a workshop/salon on Sunday… Not sure I can manage all those events but I shall try.

The only writing I’ve done since the procedure has been the odd 300-word piece for our Thursday morning creative writing group (and the occasional e-mail and shopping list). I must try to tackle something more substantial soon. But at least I’ve done audio recordings of all the rest of the South West Peak folktales we plan to use for our film project. All that needs to be done now is to edit them into the film footage that’s been shot – and I’ll leave that to the experts!


  • I am delighted to hear about all the good news! I see you’re taking it easy much like a bee relaxes on a sunny day in early spring.

    I have purchased National Cake Day in Ruritania on Kindle and I’ll read it as I have time.

    Take care of yourself, friend!


    • Ah, indeed, nothing relaxes like a springtime bee. One can but try.

      I hope you’ll enjoy the book! British humour, inevitably, but with any luck the good fun will cross cultural boundaries. 🙂

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