Treatment and recovery?

Yesterday I was in hospital receiving permanent seed brachytherapy to treat this annoying cancer. (Permanent seed brachytherapy consists of injecting radioactive particles into the neoplasm, the idea being that the radiation will destroy the bad cells. It’s an alternative to external beam radiotherapy, which requires one to attend hospital for treatment five days a week for several weeks.) The success rate  of “brachy” is pretty high so I’m happy! I’ve had so many messages of support and offers of help from friends and neighbours that I’m quite overwhelmed.

Today I’m “convalescing” – that is to say, I’m being an idle good-for-nothing who sits by the fire and reads and listens to music, or even worse, watches the telly. But I won’t be able to tolerate laziness for long. I never could. So soon, tomorrow with any luck, I’ll be back to my normal life, full of diverse activities.

Meanwhile, people are saying nice things about National Cake Day in Ruritania. There are bound to be a few negative reviews because no novel is enjoyed and appreciated by every reader, but it’s lovely to have the positive ones, even if they’re short and undetailed! 

After discussion with the wonderful Dana, who build this little website for me and taught me how to post blogs, I believe I can now insert photographs again. Dana inserted one on my behalf into the blog I posted on 16th September this year, and I’ve edited said blog accordingly. Thank you, Dana! Now let’s see if I can insert the photograph of the hoopoe, which visited my garden in April – only the third hoopoe recorded in the north of England during the past twenty-five years…

Hey, it worked! How about that! Thanks again, Dana!



  • Good man! Send those bad cancer cells back to the pit of hell they came from! I am sending prayers up on your behalf. If I lived closer I would bring you some homemade bread and a pot of chicken soup so you could munch it in front of the telly.

    Thank you for keeping us all updated.


    • As always, Shai, it’s lovely to hear from you. I prepared lots of meals (including chicken soup!) before I went into hospital so now all I have to do is take them out of the freezer and microwave them. But your prayers are much appreciated – thank you.

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