Good start to 2019: positive health news, positive developments with Amazon

In previous blogs I’ve complained about Amazon’s censoring of my list of published works and apparent contempt for authors. Now I have to eat at least some of my words, with apologies. My most recent exchanges with the author profile help desk have been positive, not to mention courteous and prompt. I’ve expressed my thanks.

Because of Amazon’s cooperation I now have a fully established author page on 
It can be accessed through either of the following links:
Either of these will take you to all seven of my published fiction books, plus a mini-autobiography.
It still isn’t possible for me to establish an author page on, for reasons that remain obscure, but I found that if you search any one of the seven titles it will appear on, and if you click on my name below the title then you’ll be taken to my full author page. Indirect, but it works!
Meanwhile: I had a great Christmas and New Year and hope all my readers did likewise. On Christmas Eve I received the editorial comments on my novel-in-press, The Engklimastat, made all the recommended changes and returned the amended manuscript. Quick work! The publishers anticipate release of the book during the coming summer. Needless to say I’m delighted. Holiday reading, perhaps?
Finally, my hospital follow-up last week seems to have brought good news: the cancer treatment is progressing normally and the situation is so unremarkable that there won’t be another follow-up for six months. Couldn’t ask for better.
Now it’s back to my usual busy demanding life, but with a light heart. More blogs soon, I hope!


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