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Waiting with bated breath for a response to my manuscript from the literary consultant, I was rewarded with a return of the manuscript, unopened, stamped “Addressee Gone Away”. Somewhat puzzled, I phoned the consultant and was told that the Royal Mail no longer delivered to their previous address – the previous address being the one I’d used. I was then told the new address, whereupon I relabelled the package and posted it again. Once more the breath is bated. I look forward to issuing updates.


So even with our advanced postal service, there can be mistakes in navigation, especially when one’s information about directions proves to be out of date.


One or two people have told me they’re finding it difficult to navigate this site. Well, the main menu more or less speaks for itself. To answer the two particular questions I’ve been asked: (1) To leave a comment on a blog, just go to the ‘blog’ option on the menu, scroll down to the end of whichever blog you deem worthy of remark, and enter your comment and e-mail address in the boxes; (2) to find information about any of my published books, go to ‘Mark’s library’. It will open on my novel Perilaus, but if you scroll to the bottom of the page you’ll find an arrow on which you can click to lead you to other books. They’re arranged in sequence…


Personally, I remain delighted with the site, and many people have commented positively on it. But if anyone has other difficulties finding their way around it, please send me a message and I’ll try to help.


Rushed off my feet with family business… Must go!

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