Well, after the vicissitudes described in my previous blog, the manuscript of National Cake Day in Ruritania has finally reached the literary consultant and I’ve paid for the consultation. 🙁  I’m now informed that the consultant’s target date for returning the critique is December 27th. Merry Christmas.


Since posting the minimum opus I’ve written very little except a couple of letters and one or two small exercises for the creative writing class. In the near future I must do more work on my planned collection of hideous puns, tentatively entitled Cruel and Unusual Punnishments, which I might decide to publish under a pseudonym for fear of death threats – particularly from a punophobic daughter. I also plan to return to the novel with the 18th century setting, which I put on the back burner after losing my way with it. It’s been simmering nicely for a few months and could now be ready for reworking. Maybe in the New Year?


The past fortnight has been devoted to hospitality. Solitary though my life usually is (by choice, I hasten to add), there’s some company I enjoy and on which I enjoy conferring enjoyment. So it’s been a great – albeit non-creative – couple of weeks. Fortunately, I managed to stave off all attempts to bestow editing assignments on to me for those two weeks, but I expect to have to make up for the hiatus in the near future. Voices whisper in my ear that the nose-grindstone interface is about to be re-established…

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