What a great week!

Notwithstanding all the post-EU-Referendum angst that hangs cumulonimbus-like over our heads, I’ve had a week that can only be deemed personally successful.

My one-act play was duly staged last night and the two actresses excelled themselves. The audience was duly appreciative and the adjudicator (since this One-Act Play Festival is supposed to be a competition) was encouraging to say the least. He had some critical suggestions, as I’d hoped, but he clearly liked the play.

As a bonus, one of my two actresses was on stage for the first time in fourteen years… deflating comment by a lecturer when she was studying drama, then marriage and family. So without realising it, I’d given her the opportunity to return to her first love, the theatre, and she grasped said opportunity with both hands and at least one foot. She was as high as the proverbial kite afterwards, resolved now to do more acting. This did at least as much for my spirits as the adjudicator’s praise!

Two days earlier, the CEO of Fantastic Books Publishing had rung me to discuss a publishing contract with me. On the following morning I received the contract, signed it, and returned it. Cruel and Unusual Punnishments is now “in press”.

A few weeks ago, having encouraged our creative writing group to join NAWG (National Association of Writing Groups), I decided I ought to take advantage of at least some of their competitions, since entry is free for members. Ghost story? Okay, I’ll have a go. Ten minute play? Yes, why not? Travelogue? Well, maybe a tongue-in cheek one. Open poetry (ie. no set format)? Well, I can only write comic verse, not serious poetry, but I’ll try something.

Today I received news that my poem is in a short-list of four (from, I gather, several hundred entries)… Now I await news about my other attempts.

I don’t think next week will bring such a flood of good tidings!


  • Thank you for a lovely bit of sunshine in this otherwise dreary world.

  • Congrats all around!

    It must be absolutely thrilling as a writer to see your work come to life on the stage… very cool! I’m envious — but I suppose if I wanted my work performed, I should really cut down on the cannibalistic aspect of it… as such can be problematic in staging… methinks.

  • Wonderful! It is a writer’s dream come true to see your characters live and breath. Good on ya!

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