That Presidential Election…

The result of the recent Presidential Election sent shock-waves around the world, embarrassing those leading politicians who had made disparaging remarks about President-Elect Trump’s morals, public persona, attitudes, and even sanity. Once again, the polls got it wrong: Mr Trump didn’t lose. He’s been democratically elected to the White House by the American people and all political leaders across the globe will be obliged to work with him for the next four years and however many days.

Naturally, many hours of analytical soul-searching and statistics-bashing have been devoted to the questions “How?” and “Why?”. Speculative answers from the other side of the Atlantic are of limited value, so I’ll merely reiterate what the analysts have agreed: the core support for Mr Trump came from older, white, blue-collar voters; the turnout was low, implying that many Democrats in key states didn’t vote; the promise of economic regeneration in the “Rust Belt” struck a chord with many (and no matter how dubious about Mr Trump you may be, he’ll deserve praise and gratitude if he redeems that promise); regrettably, some of his rhetoric during the campaign attracted racists and misogynists, though it would be absurd to infer that these formed a majority of Mr Trump’s supporters; and perhaps above all, people wanted change, something different, a move away from the political establishment. (Let me note, in passing, that if you’re elected to a position of power because you’ve promised to break with the Establishment, you’ll be in an awkward position because you’re now perforce part of the Establishment.)

I’ve lost count of the Americans who’ve written to me since the election expressing their feelings, mostly dismay. Even the Republican voters who’ve contacted me are uncomfortable. Meanwhile, extreme right-wing political groups throughout Europe have been heartened by the result and believe it will inspire voters in their own countries to support their policies, which are typically nationalistic, racist, Islamophobic and in some cases anti-Semitic. I don’t set much store by these neo-Fascist posturings, though it’s a mistake to be too complacent about them. But rather than relay more of their opinions, or mine, I’ll devote the rest of this blog do copying some of the comments I’ve received from the USA – rendering them anonymous, of course:


I saw a great saying on social media a while back. It read “don’t you think we’ve taken this ‘anyone can be President thing a bit too far?”

I guess the USA owes the rest world an apology.  And a word of advice: Duck for cover!

Disgusted in America.


Britain has been dethroned from “Fool of the Year,” which you won following your Brexit vote. Americans were just too envious. We had to have that crown. Now it’s Trump’s. Some of my friends are wagering on how long it will take him to rage-quit when he realizes he can’t have his way, because there’s this inconvenient thing called the Constitution keeping him in check. But that would place Pence in power. Oh, Lordy.

Suffice it to say, I’m aghast.


Of course, I will support the new president – but wanted Hillary so badly. Brilliant woman…and says she will continue with all her good work.

A fearful time for us, but so far he has been gracious.


Fear for the environment, the immigrants, women’s choice/rights, policies, etc. A huge disappointment here.


This is seriously screwed up. I went on a hunger Strike for 3 days but broke it Friday night because I wanted to go to an event on Saturday and knew I couldn’t if I didn’t eat something. I’m VERY upset, as are thousands of Los Angeles citizens. There’ve been protests here every night, and one down Wiltshire Blvd. today that had supposedly 100,000 people. I didn’t see it. I was at Griffith Park at the Native American Art Fair. Since I’ve been avoiding the news, I just now saw it on Facebook. It’d have been nice if some voters had done some shopping here before the election.


He is already saying some very weird stuff. Saying he “might not live in the White House” and that he may only “president part-time.” One of his transition team members, his Vice/Elect, is a religious crackpot and another blatantly Immigrant-phobic. Both have created anti everyone legislation in their pasts. Trump himself is going around saying mildly reassuring things about maybe not repealing the ACA Act but who believes him? He lies.


I AM happy that a Republican is in office. It’s done. All we can do is get in back of him and hope he surprises us… in a GOOD way. He doesn’t know the first thing about politics, but he does understand economics. If he surrounds himself with the right people (and actually LISTENS to them), maybe good change will come. AND if he can learn not to behave like a six-year-old in a school yard when he doesn’t like something… fingers crossed…


I find POLITICS unsettling. It’s a game with rules we don’t understand (and would NOT want to) ‘sigh’.


If you want more than a sound-bie on this topic, check the blog written my by friend Miska Zakharin. (A Google search will find it.) And perhaps I can add two or three remarks from my friends on this side of the Pond:


Living in hope the Americans have quite a good record on assassinating presidents, and if David Attenborough thinks he should be shot I feel sure there could be plenty willing candidates to do the deed. (And me a pacifist!)


“Those whom the Gods would destroy, they first make mad…” The Greeks had this pegged all those years ago.


America has a long standing history from disgruntled gun owning citizens, making journalistic headlines!


For the next four years, I’ll be watching the television news with the mute button on.



  • Because Clinton won the popular vote by nearly 2 million votes, division will continue. Green Party candidate Stein raised enough money to request a recount in select states and Clinton is joining forces with her. By December 13, states are required to have settled “controversies” and on December 19, the Electoral College will vote. As such, a tiny possibility remains that Clinton could win the Presidency, either by an increase in popular votes for Clinton, giving her the required Electoral votes, or for the Electors themselves to decide to vote in her favor, against their assigned side. I won’t be making any bets in her favor, but stranger things have happened. If only wishing made it so.

    • Stein’s challenge has reached our television news, and I gather the Presdent-Elect isn’t impressed, but I hadn’t grasped the fine print of the possible consequences. As you say, one can but hope.

  • The one joke that describes recent events in our two countries …
    “BRITAIN: Brexit is the stupidest, most self-destructive act a country could undertake.
    USA: Hold my beer.”
    Yep. :-p

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