This isn’t so much a blog as a proto-blog, a promise of blogs to come rather than a blog-in-itself. My recent protracted silence has had two causes: a somewhat debilitating recurrent infection, and the death of a neighbour and friend.

The latter has occupied me because Doreen left no will, named no executors or beneficiaries, and as far as we know had no surviving blood relatives. Her death was rather sudden and entirely unexpected. So¬† I’ve had to devote time and effort to informing everyone who needed to be informed – a lot of people and organizations – and to making the necessary arrangements. The saga continues as we conduct a professional genealogical search. Surely we can find a relative somewhere?

Sounds like the beginning of a novel or a play, doesn’t it? But not one I intend to write. I have enough projects on the go as it is!

Despite the illness (I seem to be recovering at last) and the bereavement (things are probably under control now) I’ve continued to work on my play, kept up my duties (with the creative writing group, the focus group and its film-making activities, and the concert society), and even added a little to the novel. So although I’ve been somewhat hors de combat I haven’t been entirely inactive. Two storytelling gigs at the Buxworth Gala during the Easter weekend required more time and energy, and I’ll be busy next weekend too (storytelling in Droylsden and then in Buxton), followed by a workshop in Derby on the 18th. But for the most part I hope now to be devoting more time to novel-writing again.

Another blog soon. Watch this space.

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