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Some time ago, Fantastic Books Publising ran a competition: write a horror story in exactly 666 words (excluding title). Horror fiction isn’t my forte because I find the blood and guts of modern horror fiction and films mildly disgusting rather than creepy and scary, but I decided to have a go. To my amazement, my small contribution – though naturally enough it wasn’t shortlisted – pleased the judges sufficiently for inclusion in the anthology that’s resulted from the competition. And I’m bound to say that notwithstanding my slight prejudice against the genre, I found that the shortlisted and winning entries were miniature literary gems in their own right. They’re good pieces of writing. So I intend to purchase a hard copy of the book.

I can honestly recommend this book to anyone who has a taste for horror stories. The quality is high, the imagination displayed by the authors is impressive, and the variety of material is pleasing. Here are the links to the electronic and hard copy issues – in the public domain as of today, I understand:

Ebook on the FBP store:

Paperback on Amazon:

If you happen to be in the right part of the world at the right time, FBP’s Convention will be well worth a visit, too:

Tickets for FantastiCon:

Check their website for details!

Okay, I’m a great fan of FBP – a small publishing house that punches way above its weight because the hard work and commitment of the management and staff – because they’re about to release my collection of hideous puns in prose and verse, much enhanced by David Moss’s cartoon illustrations. (Now there’s horror of a different sort…) But I recommend the 666 Anthology without prejudice. After all, I’m not going to make any profit from the sales, but these publishers are worth supporting and the book is certainly worth reading!

Meanwhile, following the recent publication of my short story Visitors and the accompanying interview, the Australia Times Fiction Magazine has accepted two more of my stories for their November issue. I’ll put the publication details on to another blog in the near future. Again I won’t make money out of these little pieces, but I do enjoy having my work published! Don’t we all?


  • More publications? Good for you! I would LOVE to have as many things published as you! Some day I hope. You are a good inspiration.


    • 🙂
      I tend to send stories here and there – until at length they don’t get rejected and are published instead. But I think one’s writing improves through repeated trying and failing!

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