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Several people have asked me about the interview I had with Talk Radio Europe about The Engklimastat. You can listen to it by going to my author page on Fantastic Books Publishing,, and then clicking the link indicated by “here on Talk Radio Europe”

I’ve also just learned that my out-of-left-field novella The Man who Let the Cat of Doom out of the Bag is going to be accepted for publication, again by FBP. 🙂 (Obviously the contract hasn’t appeared yet, but I’m assured that it will.) This piece, which we’re calling Cat of Doom for short, is a “surreal apocalyptic fantasy with poetical and musical interludes”. There’s a lot of humour in it, mostly in the poems and songs – but the humour is in need of medical attention! 🙂

FBP are inviting me to perform at their FantastiCom celebration in August 2020. I intend to accept, and will probably perform some of the material from Cruel and Unusual Punnishments… and perhaps also from Cat of Doom!

The more immediate prospect of doom is our general election on Thursday of this week, 12th December. Most of us are preparing to don black armbands on the 13th. However, who knows, the liar-in-chief might be evicted from the premiership, a.k.a. The Clowndrel – all we need to achieve that is an outbreak of sanity among the electorate. Alas, there’s no evidence that sanity is about to break out on a sufficiently large scale.

What advice can I give myself? “Keep calm and keep writing!”

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