More pleasing news

Yesterday evening (12th February) I went to our local theatre, the Partington, to attend an informal play-reading in the social room. Informal play-reading was a new venture for the company. The bar was open, which was a bonus.

We read a well-known Northern English comedy, The Dear Departed; a rather neat play written by a leading member of the company, Polly Brown, based on H. G. Well’s The Inexperienced Ghost (amusing); and my one-act piece Forget it, it’s History. This is a dialogue between two female actors and concerns intellectual property theft and its consequences for the victim – and the perpetrator(s).

It was an honour to have my play read by these experts, and a still greater honour to receive praise for it. The two women who played the parts were excellent, which of course helped the rest to appreciate the piece, but the comments about “strong characters, excellent use of language, perfect pacing, lots of light and shade…” made me absurdly happy. And smug.

They’re planning to appoint a director and hold auditions so Forget it, it’s History can be performed as part of the Partington’s one-act play festival in July.

Yee-ha! Only started my play-writing courses just over a year ago and I seem to have achieved a success!

Onwards and downwards…

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