After the holiday, more going-in-threes…

What a great few days in the Yorkshire Dales! The cottage was miles from the nearest village and couldn’t have been quieter or more peaceful. It was also comfortable. Moreover, it was the ideal centre for visiting the places I wanted to see: Ripon Cathedral; Richmond, Knaresborough, Pickering, Middleham and Helmsley Castles; Fountains, Riveaulx, Easby, Bylands and Jervaux Abbeys; Mother Shipton’s Cave; St Thomas’s Hermitage; Brimham Rocks; and of course York, particularly the Minster and the Shambles. I returned home with almost two hundred photographs.

Unfortunately, my computer has decided not to upload any of said pictures on to this (or any other) blog post – something about the parent directory, whatever that means. I’d love to share some of the pictures with my readers but technology prohibits. This is a little annoying since I’ve just had the computer overhauled – after I came home from North Yorkshire it declined to give me an internet connection for a couple of days. This was a handicap since practically all my business is conducted online, so it had to be rushed to the local electronic hospital (otherwise known as the residence of Gary the computer wizard). I can now use the internet and e-mail accounts again, but apparently I can’t upload photos into blogs!

But thanks to the wonderful Dana, this has been resolved… and here’s a photo of the aforementioned holiday cottage to prove it! 🙂


Early in August I posted a blog about everything going in threes. On the day my cancer diagnosis was confirmed, my new car developed a mysterious fault and then my CD player died. Well, I got a better CD player, the car is now fine (touch wood), and after various consultations I’ve decided to undergo brachytherapy to tackle the cancer – there’s a high chance of full recovery since the tumour was caught early and is small and localised. I face two hospital sessions in October and then probably one in November, and then of course a succession of follow-ups. The condition isn’t handicapping me and I’m not worrying about it. So that set of three misfortunes can more or less be consigned to history

But I’ve now had another set! On my return from holiday my computer developed its internet aversion and had to be treated. My sitting room clock had died, and – as with the CD player – I’ve replaced it with a better one. And then my paper shredder stopped working…

I can’t say I’m looking forward to the next trio of mini-disasters but I can’t help chuckling about the last two!


  • I’ve had days like these — though, being moody and depressive anyway, mine don’t always need something to set them off… But it’s almost like something negative happens, the looming negativity grows, and then it overflows into whatever else happens thereafter. The fact that it overflows into technology — which, methinks, ought to be neutral and unaffected by whatever emotional vibes one may be putting forth — either makes no sense at all or is actually a little scary… in an artificial intelligence sort of a way… But you seem to have a positive attitude about it all, and that’s likely the only way to combat the machinations of fate…

    • Yes, it probably is. I always noticed that patients with positive attitudes made the best recoveries, all other things being equal; but when it comes to technology I’m a complete moron. If it’s more complicated than a drawing pin I’m in trouble.

  • Gosh, just read your last few blogs as I have been away in Iceland and then London.
    Getting a cancer diagnosis is always a major shock as I can testify. However we both know that the outcome can be positive and thanks to medicine (and your help during my treatment), my 18 months of various operations, chemo and radiotherapy proved so successful that my next annual oncology clinic will be my forty second one!
    Wishing you all the best for the coming months x

    • I’m going to be fine, Hunter – at least, that’s the statistical likelihood. I’ve decided on the treatment option I prefer and things will happen (all being well) during the next two months. No doubt I’ll keep everyone informed via further blogs!

  • Yes, these things are sent to try us. I’m just about to read back on your other entries so that I can find out where that wee nuisance [tumour] is located!

  • phibby venable 18.09.2018 - 19:23pm

    Mark, so nice to read your blog, which is uplifting despite life flinging chaos your way at times. It isn’t prejudiced & throws at all of us. So glad things are going better for you.
    I do wish you could show the photos. You always take amazing pictures.
    May guardians surround you & keep you in love and peace. And restored health.

    • Oh, bless you, Phibby! Lovely to hear from you and to receive your kind words. I hope life is treating you decently.

      I’ve asked for advice on the photos and await responses!

  • I am looking forward to photos and good news about health procedures. You have such an overcoming attitude! Be contagious with the masses, would you?


    • Been for a pre-op assessment today. Wonderful hospital. Going for an internal exam next Tuesday, then we’ll be able to set a date for the main procedure. in the meantime it’s all activities as usual!

      Positive attitudes are always to be recommended, particularly when it comes to dealing with health problems. 🙂

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