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NOW you can buy Perilaus II in paperback!

A psychologically disturbed crime novelist wakes up to find himself in the middle of the (fictional) story he’s writing – immediately after the obligatory murder. Why has he been transferred to this parallel world? How will his presence in the story he’s creating affect its development? How can he get out of it again? And in the meantime, what will happen when he meets his fictional detective?

Slightly under 80,000 words, the novel reflects reflects on the psychological and moral relationship between creator and creative product — but more importantly, tells a story with multiple twists and turns and an ending you might not anticipate!


Buy The Engklimastat

“Mark Henderson’s novel, The Engklimastat (“that which prevents or stops crime or law-breaking”) weaves a fast-paced story of drama, treachery and love around the question posed by the title; what would happen to modern society if crime became impossible? The story weaves nail-biting drama into moments of laugh-out-loud hilarity as it follows Henderson’s unlikely protagonists, the hapless Solomon Threep and the dynamic Theresa Greene, who are both used and pursued by the demon Hypostates. As the drama unfolds it becomes only too clear, with the logical inevitability that is Henderson’s trademark, how much modern society relies on crime just to function, let alone to flourish.”

Buy The Definitive Biography of St. Arborius of Glossopdale and his Thin Dog!

Seventh century England; a baby is found in a tree by a party of monks. He’s brought up in their monastery and given the name Arborius. Young Arborius appears to have miraculous powers, so he’s awarded a halo (second-hand, source uncertain)—but all is not as it seems. His “miracles” are really the work of his guardian spirit, a foul-mouthed thin dog, visible only to himself and to the slowest-witted of his fellow monks.

This biography of a little-known (actually non-existent) saint reveals how Arborius ostensibly earned his halo, worsted the Devil, was famed for feeding the poor and healing the sick, founded many of our Christmas traditions, departed the world in a manner recalling the tale of Jack and the Beanstalk—and was canonised.

Warning: the story contains groan-inducing word games!

Buy National Cake Day in Ruritania!

Rory fancies Ariadne. Ariadne considers him irresponsible. When they both travel to Ruritania – a country of no fixed location – Rory’s capacity for trouble is increased. He becomes embroiled in Ruritania’s political unrest and is soon being hunted by both the Communist revolutionaries, led by the fascinating and elusive Klarissa, and the national security forces and their British allies. He even faces a life-threatening situation in the Faerie Realm, with which Ruritania is closely linked.

Before National Cake Day, the summer solstice, Rory must exercise all his skills in logic, marathon running and Morris-dancing to save his life, prevent a national crisis and discover why Britain’s secret service wants to protect Ruritania’s government.  And – perhaps – to win Ariadne.


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Cruel and Unusual Cover


Buy Cruel & Unusual Punnishments!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was Aardvark. So begins Mark P. Henderson’s introduction to his beautifully crafted and wholly unlikely collection of animal sonnets that form just one part of Cruel and Unusual Punnishments. Add to these his fables without morals, his tales to tell and the skilful illustrations of illustrator David Moss, and you have a wonderful collection of entertaining short pieces of poetry and prose to make you laugh out loud, cry hysterically and throw yourself to the ground in utter disbelief.



  • AdminMPH

    Mark, you are so talented!

  • Brilliant!!

    • Thanks for visiting, Phibby! At some point I hope to get ‘Perilaus’ republished in the UK, but I must get the current novel finished before I turn my attention in that direction…

      Hope all’s well with you!

  • Love the new site Mark, looks super

  • Hey Mark,

    Great looking website – I’m a little jealous – makes mine look like an over tired toddler had a hand in it.

  • One day, dear friend, I will purchase your book. I promise.

    • Mark Henderson

      Hey, dear lady, that’s really sweet of you – but I’d swop it ten times over for news that your financial and family circumstances had become settled. If I get my latest effort at novel-writing published (and we know it can take ages if it happens at all!) I’ll be delighted to send you a copy gratis!


  • Hello Mark

    Wow, your website looks terrific!

    I love the photo of Sam in the snow, he appears to be in his element.

    I love your imagination, it is almost like watching a movie. You are so talented.

    well done!


  • hey mark the book looks interesting by any chance will be available to buy on the kindle via amazon uk ?

    • Mark Henderson

      Hey Saeed –

      Good to hear from you! I hope all’s well with you.

      I’m not sure whether Amazon have “Perilaus” on Kindle but they do have hard copies, both new and second hand, for reasonably reduced prices. If you do a Google search for “Perilaus, Mark Henderson” you’ll get the Amazon link immediately, and I see there’s an option there for requesting a Kindle version.


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