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One of the magazines in the TAT stable, Unearthed Fiction, has kindly published my short story Afterlife in the February 2017 issue – among with¬† three other stories beside which I’m proud to appear, and a no-nonsense piece of advice from the editor about “finding time to write”. The link is:

Some of my friends have told me they’ve been unable to access the pieces I’ve had published in TAT magazines, but there’s really no problem. You have to register as a reader; but it’s an easy process, there’s no charge, and you don’t subsequently get pestered with e-mails soliciting your help with this or that. All they want is readers!

To emphasise this point, the director of TAT, Paul Filmer, sent the following request to all contributors last week, making reference to a recently-deceased senior colleague who had worked tirelessly to bring a wide range of creative work to as broad a readership as possible. David and his team established a remarkably broad range of magazines, and the current editors are working very hard to sustain them. Please take a moment to search “The Australia Times” via Google or other appropriate instrument and see for yourself how great a choice there is!


Hello TAT Community,
I am asking for your help. I would like you to take a step towards promoting The Australia Times and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to read the content you work so hard creating.

There are a number of challenges immediately facing TAT if it is to continue in its current form. TAT has to grow and be able to pay for day-to-day operations without the ongoing assistance of The Univex Group. Advertising inside magazines is required to produce the necessary income. To be able to charge for advertising we need a much greater readership, and we need it now! This is where you step in. I am asking you to share articles and magazines on social media, or directly with friends and family, so that we can grow our audience. You can share your own articles, but also your the work of your colleagues. Whatever you think your friends would enjoy.

Here is how to do it:

1. Locate your contributor profile here:
2. Select a couple of articles or magazines you have worked on
3. Click into the article or magazine to read it
4. Use the social sharing icons in the flip book and tell the world how proud you are about your contribution!
I have recorded a short video showing you how easy this is to achieve:

I know many of you are already doing this and that is fantastic! Keep up the good work.

Interested in updating your profile page? Here’s how….

We (The Australia Times management team) will be reviewing performance of readership and new subscribers in the coming days. If we can see a marked improvement then we will continue the push to enlarge our audience. TAT will grow to what David envisaged it could be. If not, we need to re-assess the situation and find another way forward.

Kind regards,
Paul Filmer
Director, The Australia Times

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