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Logging into The Australia Times Fiction’s website is free of charge and you can enjoy lots of reading. The latest issue, Volume 4 no. 11 (November 2016), contains two of my stories and two by the excellent Kristine Lane. Here’s the link:


These four pieces – Kristine’s and mine – bookmark the issue, which otherwise contains (in order of appearance) Geoff Stuart’s The Lyrics (pp. 28-30), a story in which a man on the edge of death – not to mention a broken marriage – converses with his other self; Emily Ellard’s The Funeral (pp. 38-46), in which an emotionally repressed woman reconciles herself posthumously to her elder sister; and Victoria Ticha’s One Starry Night (pp. 48-52), in which a dying man alienated from his musician daughter finds peace. This comprises a wide range of themes and styles. On a personal note, I was delighted to be introduced to four other writers, more of whose work I’ll be glad to read, by having my work appearing in the same volume as theirs.

My contributions are The Price of Discovery (pp. 8-21), a prose take on the theme of my one-act play Forget it, it’s History; and The Twenty-One Club (pp. 62-68), the first ghost story I’ve attempted for a few years. Kristine Lane’s contributions are Another Night (pp. 22-27), a haunting but gritty portrayal of a war veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, and The Forest (pp. 54-60), which I can only describe as an eco-friendly horror story. Both of Kristine’s tales reveal a fine command of English prose writing, and both involve an interaction between a man and a woman, though not an interaction of the conventional kind. She’s a thoughtful and thought-provoking storyteller, and I was honoured to find my stories published alongside hers.

There! A new blog, posted this week of all weeks, and not a mention of the American presidential election! Maybe I’ll write something on the subject at a later date.

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