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52:loveswriters from around the world, short stories & poems

No matter which country, or what genre, we’re united in our creativity and write to you about Love. Tricky topic, Love.We’re from Zimbabwe, Austria, Australia, France, Germany, India, the UK, the USA, and we’re led by a handful of Guest Writers from China / Malaysia, Ireland / UK, Spain, and UK.

Here’s a quotation from my favourite short story  by ANGELIKA RUST (GERMANY), For the Pack, a tale celebrating the love of an aged dog for her human family:

The occasional creak. The ticking of the clock on the mantelpiece. The rustling of leaves outside, and the wind whipping the willow’s thin branches against the window pane. My pack sister beside me, sniffing and snoring, moving her paws as if running, or hunting through a dream landscape. She hadn’t noticed anything was amiss. I snorted, sneezing contempt into her luxurious coat. Pedigree dogs. Need I say more? Bred for their beauty, that’s what they are. Not for their brains. Not for their instincts. 

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