Great night for Life You Choose!

Last Thursday was the Creative Fusion evening in Glossop to support Life You Choose, the multimedia/arts organization for people with learning difficulties. The highlight was the one-hour film in which Life You Choose service users were the principal actors. Ken and Nicola and Pete had managed to create the film from scratch in a mere nine weeks, operating on a more or less zero budget, and the audience stood and applauded when it ended!

During the second half of the evening, among the poetry readings, stories, songs and band performances, we had the pleasure of watching one of the service users, Carl, perform a puppet show to music. Carl has Downs syndrome and on his own doesn’t communicate well, but put a puppet in his hands and he makes the puppet more or less talk. His sense of rhythm is amazing. Once again the audience stood and applauded. Carl was the star of the show.

The evening performaces totalled three and a half hours, including a twenty minute interval, and we made a net profit of £140 for Life You Choose. Altogether it was a very successful venture. (Of course I didn’t accept anything for acting as compere.)

You can see the film for yourself at And you can learn more about Life You Choose at

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