“The Return” – film made by actors with learning difficulties

A few blogs ago I wrote about this project, which my friends Nicola and Ken are developing to raise funds for Life You Choose, an organisation to support people with moderate learning difficulties. I mentioned I’d played the part of a local history/folklore expert and had been ‘interviewed’ about the basis of a traditional ghost story. Well, the film is on course for its first public showing on the evening of 30th April, in The Globe, High Street West, Glossop… and Ken has produced a trailer:


“The Return” will form the high point of another creative-focus evening in The Globe. Consensus voted the one we held in January a great success (again, I wrote about it at the time). My friend Pam, an excellent writer and performer who will also appear in “The Return”, produced a gratifying review of that inaugural evening:


We’ll do much the same again on the 30th – there’ll be music, poetry, maybe a story or two as well as the film – but this time we’re going to ask people to pay a little to enter. After all, the object is to raise money for a worthy cause!

If you’re in the area, please come along and give your support.

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