Happy New Year! (And check out the new pictures!)

According to my calculations it’s now 2014. Of course I’ve made my standard New Year Resolution: “I resolve to keep no New Year Resolutions”. You can keep a logician amused for hours with that one. But I do plan to compose another novel before the year becomes divisible by five without remainder.


As for the novel I wrote during the latter half of 2013, I still await the critique from the literary consultant. I can’t decide whether no news is good news or bad. Watch this space…


Anyway, I had a great Festive Season, somewhat against custom (those who know me well will be aware of my habitual antipathy to Christmastime and the reason therefor) – wonderful meal, champagne, log fire, reminiscence, stories, music; and of course a Christmas tree and mince pies, the latter of which I ate. I would wish everyone around me similar joys. Back to the grind now: editing, reviewing, and of course working on the drama script and the application for Heritage Lottery funding. I should be refreshed by the holiday, but to tell the truth I feel rather tired and decidedly lazy. A good brisk walk on the moors would doubtless refresh me, but with gale-force winds and driving rain the prospect isn’t overly appealing. Nevertheless I must start doing something.


No time like the present, as they say. So I’ll have a lunch break now, and then maybe sit down and think about what I ought to be doing…

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